Aikido in Schools

Aikido Yoshinkai NSW instructors are available to conduct seminars or courses in schools.   Aikido is a great way for students to get a hands on class that combines Japanese language & culture along with an introduction to martial arts training and personal safety.

Seminars are usually 80-90 minutes give students a taste of what they could expect in training at an aikido dojo along with some tips on how to improve their safety in public.  Aspects of Japanese culture are introduced and the history behind the clothing and customs is explained.  This seminar has been particularly popular with students who are studying Japanese as a language as it brings a physical and historical element to the students learning along with the hands on approach to learning some aikido technique.

Aikido Yoshinkai NSW also offers ongoing courses for schools.  The course can be mapped to the specific needs of the students and run once a week over the school term.  The course begins with an introduction to aikido, it’s history and  basic drills for stances and blocks.  The non agressive form of aikido is stressed throughout the course and students experiment with the forms to determine why they work and how.

The pysche of the attacker is also examined in order to understand how conflict can escalate unnecessarily into violence.  Students develop strategies to help avoid physical conflict & aggression.

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For further details on how to arrange a seminar or course in aikido in your school please contact Aikido Yoshinkai NSW directly.

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Aikido Classes in Marrickville, Inner West Sydney.