The AYNSW Student AYNSW Student’s Handbook 2015 contains dojo rules, explanation on dojo etiquette, aikido glossary, and grading syllabus.

Here is the Application Form 2015  needed to join AYNSW. If you would like to try a FREE trial lesson or join the dojo it is necessary to print, fillout and have witnessed this document. Nobody is permitted to train without first having completed this document.

Download the AYNSW App available on Android or Apple (link on front page)

The  Aikido Yoshinkai NSW 2019 Test Syllabus covers the entire Yoshinkan Honbu syllabus and follows the test syllabus as set by Yoshinkan honbu each year.

AYNSW Promo Film Phone Version

A 2 min promo film you can download to help explain to friends what aikido is.


MAIA instructor finder

Use this link to find acredited MAIA instructors in your area.

Aikido Classes in Marrickville, Inner West Sydney.