Within the Yoshinkan System there are  kyu grades and dan grades. The instructors at Aikido Yoshinkai NSW follow the Aikido Yoshinkai NSW 2019 Test Syllabus .  Gradings are held on the last Saturday of February, April, June, August & October as well as the 2nd Saturday of December. AYNSW grading’s follow the same format, syllabus and standards as set at the Yoshinkan headquarters.

All dan grades are registered with the Aikido Yoshinkai Federation (AYF). These grades are recorded at Yoshinkan headquarters and are recognized by affiliated AYF clubs around the world. Students can be assured that they can easily continue their training with clubs in Australia, Japan or around the world (see the AYF dojo listings on our site under links / World Wide Dojo List.

The Aikido Yoshinkai NSW syllabus covers the entire Yoshinkan Honbu syllabus and follows the test format as set by Yoshinkan honbu

Download: Aikido Yoshinkai NSW 2019 Test Syllabus

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