Aikido no Ougi (SPD 8303)

Released 2012m

62 min

Japanese & English


This is part 3 of a series of DVD released thru Quest Video compiling rare archived footage of Aikido founder Ueshiba Morihei.  This material was compiled by Arakawa Sensei, a student of Ueshiba Sensei who was devoted to the art and his teacher.  Subtitled in English, this material; gives a unique insight into the mindset of Ueshiba Sensei in his final years.

Profile of Ueshiba Morihei & Ararakawa Sodateru

Interview Toyosaki Enku  Nariyasu explaining how the series was compiled

Film of Ueshiba Morihei teaching

Taped audio of Ueshiba Morihei’s opening speech to demonstration

Film of Ueshiba Morihei Nov 3rd 1964 Commemorative Demonstration

Taped audio of Ueshiba Morihei’s explanation of aikido’s role in the world

Film of class

Inoue Takayasu Interview

Taped audio of Arakawa Sodateru Speech

Price: $65.00

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