Aikido Yoshinkan: The Way of Aikido Techniques (SPD8008)

Aikido Yoshinkan:  The Way of Aikido Techniques provides a comprehensive look at the basic movements and techniques of Yoshinkan Aikido, a martial art famous for its dynamic movements and techniques.  It also features a rare interview with Gozo Shioda, the founder of Yoshinkan Aikido, as he recounts how he first started aikido, and his thoughts on training.  Techniques in this DVD are demonstrated by the top students of Gozo Shioda and there are also demonstrations by Shioda Sensei himself.


Features of this DVD include:

History of Yoshinkan Aikido

Interview with Gozo Shioda

Comprehensive explanations and demonstrations of basic movements and techniques:  Kamae, Seizahou, Shikkoho, Hiriki No Yosei, Tai No Henko, Shumatsu Dosa, Kokyuho, Shiho Nage, Ikkajo, Nikajo, Sankajo, Yonkajo, Sokumen Irimi Nage, Shomen Irimi Nage, Kotegaeshi, Tenchi Nage, Hiji Shime, Kokyunage, Jiyu Waza

Demonstrations by Gozo Shioda

Technical features of this DVD include:

Region:  ALL, NTSC

Running time:  54 minutes

Language:  Japanese, English, French

Subtitles:  Japanese, English, French

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Price: $65.00

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