Sword & Aikido Introduction Matsuba Kunimasa SPD 7513

Matsuba Kunimasa Sword & Aikido Introduction SPD 7513

Sword & Aikido Introduction

Released 2012

112 Min

Japanese & English

Matsuba Sensei is a sword smith by trade but also an aikido instructor.  This DVD gives valuable insights into the connection between aikido’s throwing and pinning techniques and the sword.



Warm up Exercises

Tai Sabaki

Training Method 1 Cut down into a squat

Training method 2 Left Right Kesa Cut

Training Method 3 Swing Big & Cut Down

Interview 1

Tanren in Daily Movements

Tai Sabaki Expressed through Sword

Interview 2

Developing Ki with training partners Ikkyo

Developing Ki with training partners Nikkyo

Developing Ki with training partners Sankyo / Yonkyo

Tsuki no Kote gaeshi

Tsuki Variation 1

Tsuki Variation 2

Aiki Age


Futari Dori Kokyunage

Interview 3



Price: $65.00

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