Cheng Sheng Long Neijia Quan: Chen-style Taijiquan DVD(spd6509)


  • Standing Meditation (Zhanzhuang)
  • Horse Stance (Mabu Zhanzhuang)
  • Neri (Lian)
  • Chen-style Taijiquan Old Frame (Lao Jia)
  • Enshusui (Yan Shou Chui)
  • Tian Di Ren (Heaven,Earth and Man?
  • Chen-style Taijiquan Small Frame (Xiao Jia)
  • Qigong for martial arts and Qigong for health
  • Push Hands (Tuishou)
  • Yang-style Taijiquan Two-Person Set (San Shou)Special Program:
  • Cheng Sheng Long Neijia Quan Performance
    Nov 3rd 1993 at Nerima Tokyo

Technical features of this DVD include:

Region: ALL, NTSC

Running time: 131 minutes

Language: Japanese

Subtitles: English

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