Michio Shimada: Taikiken

The word Taikkiken is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese characters used for the Kung-fu form “Ta-ch'eng-ch’üan”.  Taikiken was introduced to Japan after WW2 by Kenichi Sawai.  Michio Shimada is one of Taikiken founder Kenichi Sawai's best students. Having studied the art for over 20 years, Shimada has recently opened a dojo in Shinjuku, Tokyo.


Contents include:


Postures, hand movements, body movements, empty hand sparring, sparring with gloves and headgear as well as group attack.


Technical features of this DVD include: 

Region: ALL, NTSC

Running time: 58 minutes

Language: Japanese only

Subtitles: Japanese

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Aikido Classes in Marrickville, Inner West Sydney.