Kodokan Judo DVD

Known as “The God of Judo”, this DVD contains 62 minutes of demonstration footage taken of Kyuzo Mifune Sensei as a 73 year-old 10th dan. This was originally released as “Kamiwaza, Mifune 10th dan” and had been edited down to a 30-minute demonstration film.  Thankfully, the cut footage has been found and we can now see the entire demonstration with English subtitles!

This 5 foot 4 inch, 110-pound master displays his unique technique, easily overpowering much larger opponents.  A must for any Budo collection, this disc includes bonus footage in the form of a 16-minute documentary film titled “The secrets of Judo and martial virtues of Japan”, shot when Mifune Sensei was 9th dan.

The title footage is divided into the following chapters:

Kuzushi, Tewaza, Koshiwaza, Masutemi waza, Nage no kata, Nageru no kata, Katame waza, Itsutsu no kata, Ashiwaza, Yokosumtemi waza, Shime waza, Kansetsu waza, Goshinjutsu, Idori, Tachiai

Technical features of this DVD include:

Region:  ALL, NTSC

Running time:  Approximately 62 minutes + 16 Minutes

Language:  Japanese

Subtitles:  English

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Price: $65.00

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