Kosen Judo Techniques: Mitsunosuke Kosaka

KOSEN JUDO is a form of judo adopted by the major high schools and technical schools during the Meiji Era (1868 – 1914). It emphasizes newaza (ground techniques) such as controls, joint locks and strangles. This is the style of judo that was taught to the Gracies in Brazil.  This video features the last great living master of Kosen style judo - Kosaka Mitsunosuke - demonstrating his personal favorite techniques of groundfighting. This is the only Kosen Judo DVD subtitled in English.  A must see for judoka, BJJ, UFC, MMA, NHB students and all other grapplers!


- Chokes and submissions setups
- Advanced pinning / holddown methods
- Countering open guard / "buttscooting"
- Sweeps and reversals from open guard
- Half guard techniques
and more...

DVD Contents                                                                                                       Sabaki, Katsugi, Kaeshi (reversals from standing and bottom position)

Kusakari, Ashi-Tori-Kaeshi, Kametori Techniques, Osaekomi Techniques

Shime Techniques, Kansetsu Techniques

Technical features of this DVD include:                                                Region:  ALL, NTSC   Running time: 55 minutes

Language:  Japanese    Subtitles:  English

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Price: $65.00

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