Kudo Karate: 100 Most Advanced Fighting Techniques Part 1 (SPD 1817)

Kudo is a relatively new Japanese martial art formed out of the Daidojuku (full contact karate organization). Kudo is comprised of judo, jiu-jitsu, and full contact striking.

Contents of the DVD include instruction from the best Kudo practitioners on various forms of punching, striking, counter-punches, grabs, locks, pins, newaza (floor technique):


  • Hideki Ogawa (light weight 1st Kudo World Champion)
  • Hirokazu Inagaki
  • Masayuki Teramoto
  • Kazuma Shimizu
  • Takayuki Hirayasu.

 Technical features of this DVD include:

  • Region:  ALL
  • Format:  NTSC
  • Running time:  Approximately 96 minutes
  • Language:  Japanese & English
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