ShinKyokushin Karate: An Introduction to Karate Vol.3 (SPD1703)

Kyokushin Karate, world-renowned for its strong and effective technique, has now for the first time ever released an English-subtitled comprehensive introduction to Kyokushin Karate including lessons from the President of ShinKyokushin - Kenji Midori Sensei. This is Volume 3 in the popular series.   An Introduction to Kyokushin Karate Vol.3 leading instructors outline the basic principles in Kyokushin Karate with clear and concise explanation.  Contents of the DVD include:

Instruction by Tanigawa Kou

-     Close fighting

-     Uchioroshi Zuki
-     Ipponken

-          Sandan Hizageri

-          Counter Ax kick

-          Ax kick combination

-          Step around on a head

-          Step around on a tsuki,

-          Step around on an uke

-          Step around after unbalancing opponent’s knee

-          Step around using fake step

-          Step around using tsuki
Instruction by Osaka Yuichiro

-          Counter techniques

-          Counter right shita zuki to opponent’s left chudan zuki

-          Parrying the opponent’s left chudan zuki followed by counter counter left shita zuki in response to opponent’s right chudan zuki

-          Parrying opponent’s left chudan zuki followed by counter uchi matageri

-          Parrying opponent’s left chudan zuki followed by by counter jodan mawashigeri

-          Right hizageri followed by left jodan mawashigeri

-     Left cross counter yokogeri for the opponent’s right outer thigh kick
Instruction by Sato Yoshitaka

-     Left chudan mawashigeri followed by left seiken zuki

-          Left jodan mawashigeri followed by left seiken zuki

-          Right gedan mawashigeri followed by left shita zuki

-          Left tsuki followed by jodan mawashigeri

-          Right jodan mawashigeri



Instruction by Nomoto Naohiro

-     Gedan mawashigeri

-          Gedan mawashigeri to the inner thigh of back leg

-          Seiken zuki followed by uchimatageri

-          Uchimatageri responding to opponent’s attack

-          Kick to outer side of opponent’s leg



Instruction by Midori Kenji

-          Fake jodan mawashigeri followed by tsuki

-          Fake maegeri followed by irregular jodan mawashigeri

-          Fake maegeri followed by foot sweep

-          Parrying tsuki by changing the position followed by counter attack

-          Counter attack using ushirogeri

-     Exchange of punches followed by counter ushirogeri



Special Program No.1

-     Training variation

-          Follow through kick mitt

-          Shadow training

-          Shadow training facing each other

-          Training with mitt

-          Training with big mitt

-          Gandam

-          Sparring

-          Ken ken low

-          Shuttle

-     Stepping on the belly

Special Program No.2

-An interview with President Midori Kenji

Technical features of this DVD include:

  • Region:  ALL
  • Format:  NTSC
  •   Running time:  Approximately 122 minutes
  • Language:  English subtitled
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Price: $65.00

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