Ki/Kiko DVD The Yayama Microcosmic Orbit Method

Dr. Yayama explains in detail the fundamental breathing techniques and the Microcosmic Orbit method the most basic exercise for mastering Ki.

Toshihiko Yayama graduated with a degree in medicine from Kyushu University in Japan in 1980.  He then practiced medicine at Fukuoka Tokushukai Hospital with a focus on emergency treatment.

Dissatisfied with the limitations of his treatment and its inability to bring patients back to health through modern medicines and surgery, after some experimentation of his own, he began studying Eastern Medicine at the Fukuoka Ishi Kampo Kenkyukai (Fukuoka Doctors Society for the study of Chinese medicine).

After researching and treating patients with acupuncture, moxibustion and medicinal herbs, he arrived at Qigong.

In 1983 he joined Kyushu University Hospital Surgery ?.

From 1987 he practiced at the Saga Prefectural Hospital where he was in charge of the departments of Surgery and Oriental Medicine.

He established the Y.H.C. Yayama Clinic in 2001.

Complimenting Western Medicine that only repairs what is already wrong with the body, he incorporated Eastern Medicinal remedies that take into consideration the overall health of the person.  He has been successful in applying this holistic medicinal approach that nurtures this life energy called “Ki” and is showing great results.


DVD Content:

What are Ki and Kiko?  What does Ki feel like?

What is the Microcosmic Orbit Method?

Microcosmic Kiko Training

Six Breathing techniques:

Love                      Evolution

Forgiveness           Harmony

Healing                  Creation

Finger Kiko, Standing Zen, Stretch the chest and back

Making a flexible and strong spine:

Bird Method, Turtle Method, Dragon Method, Bear Method

Stance, Ming-men

Application of Microcosmic Orbital Method Practical Kiko Techniques

Make a Ki ball between your hands, Opening the path of the Microcosmic Orbit with a Ki ball

Differences between the flow of Ki for men and women

Microcosmic Orbit method (Women’s type)

Technical features of this DVD include:

Region:  ALL, NTSC

Running time: 85 minutes

Language:  Japanese

Subtitles:  English

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Price: $55.00

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