Yagyu Shingan Ryu Chikuo-Sha (SPD7505)

Featuring Kenji Shimazu Sensei


Volume 2 includes:

  • Jujutsu katas
  • Detailed instruction on:
    -How to use the feet
    -How to use the hands
    -How to use the eyes
  • Sword katas
  • Hojojutsu (tying with rope)
  • Hidden weapons

Volume 3 concludes instruction on Jujutsu katas and detailed instructions of human anatomy and the relationship to techniques.

Contents include:

  • Pressure points & their location on the body
  • Skeletal structure and joint locks
  • Advanced footwork
  • Multi person attack
  • Hanbo versus sword kata


Technical features of this DVD include:


Region: ALL NTSC

Running time: 85  minutes

Language: Japanese only

Subtitles: Japanese only

Price: $65.00

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