Class Descriptions

AYNSW schedules the following classes throughout the week.

A detailed weekly schedule is available here.

1.      General Aikido Class

Beginners, Intermediate and blackbelt students are all welcome to attend General Classes. Emphasis is placed on practicing, developing and applying fundamentals under supervision to ensure the correct form is learnt and reinforced. General aikido classes usually begin with a warm up, a review of individual basic movements and then paired practice with set techniques. As the class progresses emphasis may change to speed and stamina, applying basics in self-defense situations or more advanced techniques.


2.      Beginner Aikido Class

Beginner aikido classes are open to all students with focus being on the elements most applicable to beginners in the group. Regular students will often attend beginner classes to touch base on fundamentals. This provides real beginners with experienced training partners who they can model, enhancing and speeding up their learning. Emphasis is placed on learning the safety aspects of aikido training such as how to yield to techniques and how to fall safely.  Principles behind basic movements and basic tactics and strategy that underpin self defense are introduced.


3.      Intermediate and above

This class is restricted to 4th kyu blue belts and above. Emphasis is placed on jiyuu waza (free style movement) with a flowing movement and blending with attacker. More advanced techniques within the syllabus are taught and practiced.


4.      Aiki Kids Class

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The aiki kids class is a fun mix of simplified martial arts techniques, aerobic exercises to burn off energy, tumbling and body strengthening all mixed up in fun games. The Aiki Kids content has been designed by Darren Shihan to safely introduce young minds and bodies to aikido as a martial art. There is no air punching and kicking. Students learn a full contact martial art but in a safe and responsible manner. Emphasis is placed on co-operation and working as a group, self discipline, respect for self and others.

It is common for parents to warm up or practise to the side of the Aiki Kids class and then stay for the next adults class. Kids can stay and read / play quietly after the Aiki Kids class has finished.


5.      AiKinetic

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The AiKinetic class is where students learn to apply aikido in self defense situations. In the AiKinetic class   students learn to smoothly transition, take initiative in self-defense and practice from a wide array of possible scenarios. Restraint and Removal, weapon suppression and weapon clearance are practiced regularly.


6.      Shinto Muso Ryu (SMR)

Shinto Muso is a sword and staff-based martial art founded by Muso Gonnosuke  in the early 17th century.  Legend has it that Gonnosuke was the only person to beat the renowned swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. He did this with a yon shakku (four foot) staff. In doing so Muso Gonnosuke gave birth to a martial arts system that would elevate the humble wooden staff to one of the pre-eminent weapons of the Bugei of Japan. AYNSW follows the Shinto Muso Ryu syllabus and regularly hosts David Dangerfield Sensei for technical instruction in this art. The training in this older weapons system brings insights into battle tactics and mindset that are relevant to all other training areas.

A free trial class can be booked  here.  Scroll through the trial class times available and find a time that suits you and complete the online registration.

The dojo opens 30 min before the first class on the schedule.

New Students are welcome to attend all beginner & general classes.

Beginners classes are especially geared towards beginners with added emphasis on basic movements, falling skills and explanation of terms and etiquette.

The dojo is closed over all public holidays and during the Easter, Christmas and New Year breaks.

Gradings are generally held once every two months.

School seminars, Group seminars, Corporate training, Private classes by arrangement.  Contact us now.

Aikido Classes in Marrickville, Inner West Sydney.