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Total Aikido The Master Course Based on the original Japanese text “Aikido Gokui” written by Yoshinkan Soke, Gozo Shioda sensei, Total Aikido was painstakingly translated by David Rubens sensei (Meidokan, UK). This text is highly recommended. Its layout has become a standard for other martial arts texts, clearly capturing each technique in a series of shots, along with logical and easy to follow explanations. Darren also worked on this text assisting with the pre-publication in Japan. Look for pictures of a younger Darren Sensei inside.

Aikido: The Complete Basic Techniques

This text by Gozo Shioda was orriginally published in Japanese as Aikido Kihon Waza. This classic 1978 text has been given a rework and additional techniques have been included.   This text is an essential companion for Total Aikido.  Darren Shihan was one of the main participants fappearing in the additional photography included for this edition.

Yoshinkan Aikido Gokui “Secret Principles of Yoshinkan Aikido” This video was orriginally shot to supplement the Total Aikido text. Somehow it never was really linked properly with the book. Not as detailed as the Yoshinkan Complete Techniques DVD series, this video still gives a good overview. Look for Darren Sensei taking uke through out it.

Yoshinkan Complete Techniques – 3 DVD Set originally released on 10 VHS tapes, the “Yoshinkan Complete Techniques” 3 DVD set is loaded with all the Yoshinkan basic techniques. This is the most comprehensive and detailed Yoshinkan video series available. A bilingual and region free DVD, narration in English is provided by Robert Mustard Sensei (Aikido Yoshinkai Burnaby),  former Chief Instructor of International Section at Yoshinkan Honbu.

Angry White Pyjamas The most controversial martial arts book of the 90’s. This is a somewhat humurous account of the experiences of the author, Robert Twigger, as he fumbles through the notorious year long Yoshinkan Senshusei course. This book gives the reader an insight into life in Japan and training at Yoshinkan honbu. The background to this story took place when Darren sensei was a junior instructor at Yoshinkan Honbu in the mid 90’s. Darren Sensei appears in this book, but he doesn’t admit to everything that’s said to have taken place…

Yoshinkan Aikido Seizui “The Essence of Yoshinkan Aikido” Written by Yoshinkan Kancho Inoue Kyoichi sensei, this is a very detailed text, but unfortunately is only availble in Japanese. All senior Yoshinkan Honbu instructors appear demonstrating techniques; look for Darren Sensei demonstrating hijishime and other techniques.

Aikido Yoshinkan Aikido Nyuumon “A guide to Yoshinkan Aikido” by Yoshinkan Kancho Inoue Kyoichi Sensei. Look for Darren Sensei taking uke.

Yoshinkan Aikido Gokui “The Essence of Yoshinkan Aikido” Darren Sensei appears as uke throughout this DVD.

Chida Tsutomu Yoshinkan Honbu Dojocho Chida Tsutomu Sensei shares his history of his life in Aikido and training under Gozo Shioda. Look for a young Darren as Chida Sensei’s uke at the 39th All Japan Demonstration, 1994.

Aikido Shugyo “The study of Aikido” While not a text book as such, this text gives us a great insight into a true budo master’s mind. Yoshinkan founder, Shioda Gozo, details his training experiences reflects on a life spent following the path of budo. The translation of this text was a joint project between Jacques Payet and Chris Johnson. They both deserve our recognition and thanks for this achievement.

37th All Japan Embu, 1992 Darren appears as a young senshusei.

38th All Japan Embu, 1993

39th All Japan Embu, 1994 Darren appears as part of the Yoshinkan teaching staff and as Chida Sensei’s uke.

40th All Japan Embu, 1995 Darren Sensei appears as part of the Yoshinkan teaching staff.

41st All Japan Embu, 1996 Darren appears as part of the Yoshinkan teaching staff

Dynamic Aikido The classic Yoshinkan text written by the founder Shioda Gozo. This text gives a good overview of basic techniques with some insights as to how aikido power is derived. Look for the classic shots of Terada Sensei and Inoue Sensei taking uke.

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