AYNSW Benefits

In this day and age, people are becoming increasingly concerned with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And like any other form of physical exercise, Yoshinkan Aikido provides many health benefits. A full core body workout, coupled with the strong emphasis placed on the spiritual aspect and character building, Aikido Yoshinkai NSW makes for an ideal choice to shape both the mind and the body. By studying  at Aikido Yoshinkai NSW you:

  • Train under an instructor with 30+ years experience, 13 years in Japan
  • Have access to online training support materials though the member area
  • Free download of dojo App for Apple or Android tablet or phone
  • Learn a structured martial art with solid self-defense techniques
  • Stay in better physical shape, increased stamina, flexibility and energy
  • Learn aikido as it is taught in Japan
  • Focus your concentration & learn to work and harmonize better with others
  • Join a community focused club & have lots of fun

Aikido…Fitness for the Mind, Body and Soul.

Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art that encompasses a physical fitness program, which provides people with the skills they need to cope with life. People who practice Aikido do so for many reasons; however all would agree that it strengthens the mind and the body and nourishes the soul. Aikido suits every body shape and every age group and promotes a level of wellbeing that improves with each hour devoted to practice. Just a few hours a week of practice generates a level of “super” fitness that has to be experienced to be appreciated and makes life easier to live and much more enjoyable.


Most people realise that they need a high level of commitment to incorporate exercise into their life. The case for longevity through exercise has long since been established and we are reminded of the importance of exercise everyday. While we all realise the need, it is sometimes difficult to get our heads around it. Aikido overcomes this problem by building mental skills such as focus and decision making into the physical practice. Hundreds of years ago the Japanese, who have the highest life expectancy on the planet, took battlefield skills and developed them into martial arts disciplines such as Aikido, training both mind and body. What we have since learned is that they are good for providing ways to defeat fear and build self-confidence, vital life skills today. This helps people deal with any challenge life throws up at any time, even in the most difficult circumstances.


Aikido offers a level of fitness that is difficult to find in other fitness programs. While it is a martial art, it is not based on attack. In fact Aikido exploits the weaknesses of bullies and uses their size and force against them. It’s a case of the bigger they are the harder they fall because Aikido relies on the intelligent use of a practitioner’s body to disable attackers and render them helpless. Aikido practitioners build an exceptional level of core strength, which is the path to real physical fitness. It improves posture, breathing, flexibility, endurance and balance while improving the way that muscles work, often eliminating niggling aches and pains such as backache. As little as 3 hours a week is enough to get excellent results that rejuvenate an aging body and increase physical confidence in the young.


There is nothing better for a person’s soul than learning how to get on with and deal with other people without conflict and aggression. An Aikido dojo (meeting place or hall) provides such an environment. Promoting respect and good interpersonal skills, the Aikido instructor provides the ideal learning environment, bowing to every one as they enter, and offering an exceptional level of personal coaching when requested. In a short time, levels of emotional intelligence rise as practitioners learn to interact, cooperate and empathy with others, conquer fear and take control of their lives. This allows practitioners to tackle anything, anywhere, anytime.

Why Yoshinkan…easy to learn and easy to use.

There are many styles of Aikido however few can be learned as easily as Yoshinkan Aikido. This style, found here in Sydney, breaks everything down into small easily learned exercises. From just 6 basic movements come hundreds of ways to deal with physical aggression, even if it may be life threatening. In fact the essence of Yoshinkan is that it deals with the most difficult issues that face people in times of conflict and aggression simply and effectively. It is truly fitness for the mind, body and soul which leads to a much more enjoyable life.

AYNSW Benefits

  • Qualified and experienced Instructors . 
  • Professional set up and training equipment.
  • Since opening in 2005 AYNSW has hosted 5 International Seminars with the most senior instructors available.
  • Instructor development program is available to those who want to pursue their aikido path more fully.
  • Students of AYNSW may now train at the Aikido Shudokan (Melbourne) and Aikido Yoshinkan WA (Perth) for up to 3 days per calendar month at no extra charge.

For students traveling between Melbourne,Sydney or Perth this is a great opportunity to continue your Aikido practice. Please note the following conditions. When visiting students must:

  1. At minimum have attained 7th kyu in Yoshinkan Aikido;
  2. Train with a friendly demeanor and open minded spirit.

(Please note, unused days do not accumulate. Also, should you wish to train for more than 3 days in one calendar month, a daily fee will apply.)

Aikido Classes in Marrickville, Inner West Sydney.