The Dojo

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Aikido Yoshinkai NSW (AYNSW) operates at Ferncourt Public School, 74 Premier St, Marrickville.

The dojo uses the main school hall and has the latest roll out mat surface for  a professional training environment.

Weapons training is an integral part of aikido training. Weapons are provided for students to use when the instructor teaches a weapons component.

AYNSW instructors always put the student’s safety at the foremost of training. A lot of time is spent teaching and developing the skills needed to ensure that training can be carried out in a safe manner. As student’s progress in their skill development speed increases. People of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels are welcome. The training is individualized to each student to bring out their best.

Aikido Yoshinkai NSW (AYNSW) is dedicated to Yoshinkan Aikido, as developed by Shioda Gozo Soke. Internationally renown, Yoshinkan Aikido has now come to Sydney. Located in Marrickville in Sydney’s inner west, AYNSW is registered with the Aikido Yoshinkai Federation (AYF), the governing body of Yoshinkan Aikido internationally. All instructors at Aikido Yoshinkai NSW are registered with the AYF and have trained extensively in Japan under the leading Yoshinkan Aikido teachers there. 

AYNSW instructors hold working with children checks overseen by the NSW government.

“AYNSW will endeavor to follow the training methods and syllabus that we trained through at the Yoshinkan headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and introduce this efficient and effective martial art to Sydney We hope to develop strong ties with all sections of the local community, from schools and colleges to workers and professionals. While the direct benefit of Yoshinkan Aikido is seen in its clear and powerful technique, by bringing people together in a non-competitive setting we can remove barriers to communication and come to understand each other better. “Instructors Darren Friend & Peggy Woo.

The goal of AYNSW is to bring the benefits of aikido training to the local community in Sydney’s inner west. Yoshinkan Aikido is renowned for its structured syllabus and easy to learn technique with emphasis on strong basics. With many years of experience training at the Yoshinkan Honbu (headquarters), the instructors bring a solid understanding and professional approach to every class. As well as the obvious self defense skills developed through training a martial art, aikido training offers many additional benefits. It is a full body workout that utilizes and develops core strength. Aikido practioners enjoy increased flexibility and stamina. Aikido training is done in a cooperative manner. Students learn together as they work through each technique taking both the attacker and defender roles. AYNSW welcomes students of all ages and works of life, it is never too late to take up aikido.

Aikido Yoshinkai NSW has become a prominent member within the Sydney and international martial arts community. As such, AYNSW periodically brings high-ranking Japanese and international instructors for seminars and demonstrations in Sydney’s inner west.

Yoshinkan Aikido is well known in Japan for its emphasis on building both strong technique and spirit. The dojo Shomen (front) has a caligraphy written for us by Inoue Sensei. The main body of the text is YouShin HouJu, this is from which the name Yoshinkan was orriginally taken. YouShin HouJu means “develop spirit, preserve propserity”. That is by applying ourselves to aikido training, training with the correct spirit, we will develop ourselves and be happy / healthy / successful.

Aikido Classes in Marrickville, Inner West Sydney.