About Us

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Welcome to Aikido Yoshinkai NSW (AYNSW), an aikido dojo located in Marrickville, in the heart of Sydney’s inner west.

AYNSW offers group or private classes in Yoshinkan Aikido.

AYNSW Chief Instructor is Darren Friend Shihan (6th dan) a highly qualified and experienced martial arts instructor who is teaching at the Marrickville dojo every session.

Whether you be a complete martial arts novice, a past practitioner looking to get back into training or an experienced martial artist from a different discipline, Darren Shihan will give you insights into use of fundamentals that will give you both greater understanding and applied purpose to your techniques.

The Marrickville dojo is located at Ferncourt Public school, access of Premier St, Marrickville.

AYNSW instructors are registered with Yoshinkan Aikido headquarters in Tokyo and are Australian certified with the Martial Arts Industry Association. This includes background checks and working with children certification.

As a traditional Japanese dojo AYNSW provides a warm and welcoming environment. Traditional approaches to martial arts training are upheld. Naturally there is a reason for everything that is practiced and Darren Shihan is always happy to explain not just the “how” to do but also the reasons “why” we train this way. This knowledge empowers students as they are not simply copying a shape, but are actively creating a form with purpose right from the beginning.

If you are interested in receiving regular updates about Yoshinkan Aikido in Sydney or have questions for the instructors please   Contact Us.

Aikido Classes in Marrickville, Inner West Sydney.